Tuesday, June 15, 2021
By Danette May

Cacao Bliss has changed the creepy concepts about consuming chocolates!

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Absolutely Healthful Chocolates Rich with the Power of Organic Superfood Infused with the natural efficacy of cacao beans

Eating chocolate is common and is far more delightful than consuming any other dessert. We all know chocolates have a heavy concentration of cream, milk powder, vanilla and sugar. These ingredients may cause serious health issues to chocoholics. But the warnings of physicians often do not work. To most of us the pleasing or zestful flavor of chocolate is irresistible. 

Cacao bliss original comes as the best solution to this problem. It is free from all harmful ingredients and is prepared following a process which does not allow the natural power of cacao beans go waste. The addition of minerals, nutrients and natural sugar make this chocolate completely safe and nourishing. The healthful benefits of Cacao bliss are clinically proven. 

Cacao bliss original contains the genuine power of organic raw cacao which encases a host of healthful benefits. It brings you the best form of chocolate that is all energy and clinically safe to promote lots of functions in your body. Cacao Bliss brings you the pleasure of eating chocolate without any fear of adding weight! It’s such a magical superfood that has absolutely no side effect rather this incredibly good chocolate is nourishing and supportive to strengthen the body against so many health problems.

Never feel guilty about eating chocolate! Healthy Indulgence for Chocolate Cravings

Consuming chocolate is a common phenomenon in all parts of the world. From ages, chocolate in various forms has been a delight for people all over the world – the ancient recorded instance is tejate, a pre-Hispanic drink, prepared using Cacao seeds as its primary ingredient. People like to eat chocolate because it generates endorphins in the body that have a pain-relieving effect and emits a sense of pleasure. This sensation is quite rare with other food items we tuck in but overwhelmingly strong with chocolates; hence gives birth to the term “chocogasm” so commonly used today.  

The craving for chocolate is so massive that calculations record 3 million tons consumption of chocolate per annum in the world. And there is a steady increase in its demand in almost all regions of the world. Chocolate is consumed in a variety of forms; Cacao powders, Cacao butter, chocolate bars, chocolate pudding, cookies and cakes.

Cacao bean is the basic element of chocolate. It is the dried and fully fermented seed of Theobroma Cacao that is further processed to extract Cacao solids and Cacao butter to be used as the major ingredient of chocolates, we eat. The other constituents are sugar, vanilla and lecithin.

A black chocolate is rich with calories and its consumption, some thought it a tad risky for health; particularly when you’re already a victim to obesity or have a tendency to gaining weight. Some medical opinions have been even scarier. They contend that relishing chocolates causes satiety, coronary heart disease, and hypertension and trigger preeclampsia issues during pregnancy. A few researches even pointed to tyramine, histamine, and phenylalanine content in Cacao beans as the reason of migraines and the cadmium and lead found in Cacao as potential risk for kidneys and bones.

Contrary to traditional chocolate, Cacao Bliss Original is absolutely free from Soy, dairy, artificial sugar and all sorts of unnatural flavors and sweeteners. At the same time, it is 100% vegan and Paleo-friendly.

The healthy impact of consuming Cacao Bliss is being realized now to a large majority of people and with every passing moment, it is gaining more currency even with people of high fame and reputation. Arranging parties with Cacao Bliss recipes is so common. This emerging trend is the best evidence on the fact that consuming Cacao chocolate is no more a guilty pleasure or indulgence as the benefits it imparts are numerous and soundly healthful. Alone in San Francisco, everyone is fond of this rare chocolate.  It is now one of the essential of tea-houses, restaurants and even the yoga and fitness centers to be consumed as a superfood.

Cacao is a powerhouse of Nutrients and Antioxidants that are not available in such massive concentration in any other organic food

Incredible ORAC antioxidant rating 
Cacao excels all natural foods in the storehouse of nature in its nourishing value. The scientific researches prove that Cacao is more valuable that Kale, blueberries and Goji berries which have respectively 1,770, 2,400 and 25,300 ORAC antioxidant rating. Cacao’s 95,500 antioxidant rating is 30 times higher than all the aforementioned organic foods.


Unusual concentration of mineral & nutrients
Now it is proven by several clinical researches that Cacao beans are a storehouse of minerals and nutrients such as fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. It is also packed with biologically active organic compounds such as polyphenols, flavanols and catechins, among others. This extensive variety of antioxidants makes Cacao Bliss original products a superior natural diet that has no match in the storehouse of nature.


Instant mood booster
The most surprising feature of Cacao Bliss is its ability to make your mood euphoric and delighted. It is one of those two heavenly superfoods that are gifted with Bliss Molecule – a rare chemical compound that enhances joy and elation in your temper. The fact is proven in several clinical studies. Phenylethylamine (PEA) and Polyphenol in Cacao beans activate neurotransmitters that initiate the dopamine and serotonin production. They generate positive effect on mood.


Reduces emotional stress
More than any other possible remedies, consuming cacao bliss is dramatically effective to control and improve emotional stress. The instant impact of cacao is tested and verified. Cacao energizes the body within no time. The moment you start eating Cacao chocolate, you begin to realize it is enhancing your mood. For the reason, it is getting fame as an “instant mood therapy” and giving rise to its popularity.





The benefits of eating chocolate are numerous and are proven scientifically! A chocolate bar or drink generates endorphins in the body that have a pain-relieving effect and emits a sense of pleasure. This sensation is quite rare with other food items we tuck in but overwhelmingly strong with chocolates; hence gives birth to the term “chocogasm” so commonly used today. 




Cacao triggers the release of feel-good chemicals in brain that help you feel happy and exhilarated. It mental stamina and boost cognitive functions!

Cacao Bliss is actually a big plus in your food intake to ensure you a healthy, active and happy life and keep you energetic for your workouts. Being rich with nutrients such as carotene, riboflavin, thiamine, Cacao Bliss has the best medicinal effects on brain functions. There are many researches that support the efficacy of Cacao beans, being rich with caffeine and theobromine, the stimulants that enhance the certain mental functions. The high-flavanol Cacao improves the flow of blood to all parts of the brain, consequently activates the brain’s functions and helps it perform well. In old age, the cognitive function of brain weakens and affects particularly verbal fluency. In some cases, it leads to brain impairment too. Consuming Cacao Bliss is amazingly healthful to revive the mental stamina and boost cognitive functions.  

cacao bliss feel good

Cacao Bliss is absolutely good for you - it lets you get healthier & smarter!

Cacao Bliss Good For You

Great news for chocoholics No need not curb your cravings for chocolate Cacao Bliss Original promises you innumerable health benefits

Cacao Bliss keeps you fit, smart and active. Our dietary habits and the odd work routine knock us down most often to sluggishness and lethargy. Cacao is an energy booster too, giving you an instant impetus to kill your fatigue and ultimately overcome your depression that is resulted for feeling inactive. It also regulates blood sugar regulation, relaxes your muscles and soothes your body to allow you feel spirited and stress-free.

Cacao Bliss contains MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) that lets you feel satiated and accelerates metabolism and improves and ensures gut health. Cacao flavanols contain 300+ phytonutrients, though most of them go waste when the seeds are baked, but still the remaining nutrients boost digestion. 

Cinnamon in Cacao Bliss enables the body to dissolve unnecessary glucose and store no fats. The people who want to shed excessive weight form their bodies will find it a wonderful superfood to give their body a good shape and stay healthy. 

This celebrated superfood has very positive impact on cardiovascular health. The phytonutrient-rich seeds of Cacao normalize the heart function and prevent blockage in arteries by increasing blood vessel flexibility. The dietary phytonutrients in Cacao make it a unique antioxidant-rich food that has the great potential to lower oxidative stress and endothelial inflammation. By improving the vascular function, it also balances your blood pressure.

Cacao flavanol also helps you ward off pre-mature aging effect on skin. Recent researches published in the Nutrition Journals prove this magical potential of Cacao and regard it the best support to maintain a firmer skin and also keep it safe from the sun damage, blocks sunspots to appear and maintain the hydration levels.

The people who have issue of pain in joints will find this centuries-old super food as the best remedy for to get rid of their problem and enjoy active and zestful life. Consuming chocolate even help you prevent risk of preeclampsia. It goes without saying that Cacao Bliss affects your body and mind in so many powerful ways!

Each benefit of Cacao is scientifically proven! It’s no more harmful to relish a full-sized chocolate bar!

So many wonderful benefits of eating chocolate may surprise you but actually is proven by scientific researches and supported with cultural traditions spreading over centuries of tribes such as Aztecs, Incas and Mayans. Cacao beans were used in various healthful recipes of “desserts” by people in ancient times to gain mental and physical health. Foods prepared using Cacao beans were offered at weddings and other such gatherings. Today the modern scientists such as Carl Linnaeus after his very productive research on Cacao, term it “Food of the gods” for its innumerable unique benefits. 

Cacao Bliss chocolate delivers you the real essence of what was thought so sacred in the ancient ritual drinks and foods. Contrary to the traditionally popular chocolate, Cacao Bliss recipe is not loaded with ingredients such as sugar and fats. Rather it provides you with the natural antioxidants and a rare combination of essential vitamins and minerals. In its healthy impact, it beats Kale and blueberries and comes up as a miracle food that has no reservations by the scientists and nutritionists.

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